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14k & Diamond One-of-a-kind, Custom Unisex Ring

14k & Diamond One-of-a-kind, Custom Unisex Ring

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A custom, 14k fluid ring with asymmetric curves and luscious heft- this ring feels like a weighty puddle of gold is embracing your finger, complete with a bright, rainbow-bouncing .11ct (eye clear) diamond.

I cannot keep my hands off its smooth, sleek surface - like a worry stone or a fidget toy- rubbing your fingers over it is highly addictive.

With a flush-set diamond this band is snag and scratch-free ๐Ÿ… a must in my book!

Weighing in at 13.2g itโ€™s a dream to wear, look at, and play with!โ€”- yes weโ€™re still talking about a ring! ๐Ÿ˜†

Its asymmetric design makes for unique stacking, with open spaces where you can see your skin, as well as the option to turn it over and wear it diamond up or diamond down, with or without addition rings.

Currently a size 8
Dimensions at its tallest 14.4mm tapering to 6.1mm at the back, slight dome in the front peaks at about 5mm
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