Owner of LLR&T Bre aka Heirloom Huntress, smiling wearing a navy blue shirt a gold watch and two white gold, platinum and diamond rings

Heirloom Huntress Bre

Sourcing tiny treasures, wearable works of art, armored adornments, alluring antiques, carefully curated collectables, and memory-filled mementos from all across the globe for your jewelry box.

"Every item I curate is not just a piece of jewel; it's a chapter of someone's story, a tangible manifestation of their love and legacy. Finding these treasures isn't just a passion; it's my way of sharing in the profound and intimate moments of your life. Each gem holds a sentiment, a memory, a sparkle of joy – and being part of your journey is such an honor."

Bre is a mom, wife, and small business owner. She started LLR&T as a 'joy project' in September 2018 as a way to honor her grandfather, "Papa Joe" who was a jeweler. Throughout her life she'd collected jewelry to celebrate special occasions and accomplishments, as well as a way to remember loved ones.

"The gems in my collection are an expression of me- they tell my life story, my journey, losses, and adventures. They embody my emotions, reflecting chapters of pain, love, comfort, peace, and happiness. I am always searching for affordable pieces that I too would love to wear."

Prior to starting LLR&T, Bre was a small business owner- running her own Public Relations and Communications firm, where she worked with clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. She used her experience as a Communications Director to the Mayor, a Director of Communications for a Nonprofit, a Radio Anchor/Reporter, and as an award-winning Journalist to convey her clients' message and cut through the noise of modern day media.

Bre possesses a high level of curiosity, an insatiable appetite for treasure hunting, a knack for figuring out the history of items, and the desire to compose the stories behind jewelry. This online boutique is a reflection of her passion, filled with stunning offerings to help you tell your story through jewelry.